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FFHide batch program for windows

Doesn’t matter whether you are batch file lover or not. But if you are computer geek, you will definitely gonna like this post. As in current time, most of the person uses computer and for few of them, its really not easy to keep private data at safe place. but, don’t worry, here you will

Store your message inside Image

When I was a kid, I was wondering how secret communication is taking place. After spending my few years in the computer field, I was able to get into by doing research. Hello, I am going to show you how to put your secret information inside the picture. Follow the below instructions. Step 1 :

Password Protected Folder

Password protected folder using VBScript Now I am going to show you How to open your Folder by Entering a Password. That means you can protect your data in particular folder. Whenever you want to open this Folder then you have to Enter your password because I will use “Attrib” command of DOS for hide

Make Simple Virus in Notepad

Making Simple Virus with notepad in windows Here we are going to show, How to make Simple Virus in notepad. This virus will create Unlimited Folder in each drive. Let’s Start. [ Note : Don’t try it on your computer ] Step 1: Open your notepad from [Start >> Run >> Type “Notepad” >>Press Enter