Author: The Guy From India

Nature of Time

As a human beings, we really don’t understand the TIME. Even if we talk about it, we won’t be able to reach any conclusion. We can just put the individual’s thinking together to understand “The Nature Of Time” Whatever I am gonna write here is not something that I thought, understood or found. But, it

The Three Layers of Web

Many of you may not know about web. Whatever is easily accessible on internet is just 10% of web. You will shout “Really?”. I would say “Yes it is”. Whatever you can search, access, download through internet is just 10-15 % of web. Now what about 85-90 % of web. Where it is? What you

Configure GSuite Account with Outlook

In Today’s era the Business email is more important if you are having a business. To manage all the emails in better way for your business, you should have Microsoft Outlook in your computer. Microsoft outlook provides you great options to manage your daily emails. Few commonly used features are, Rules in outlook, Quick step