FFHide batch program for windows

Doesn’t matter whether you are batch file lover or not. But if you are computer geek, you will definitely gonna like this post. As in current time, most of the person uses computer and for few of them, its really not easy to keep private data at safe place. but, don’t worry, here you will find easy steps to hide your file or folder. So that you can keep your data safe from someone else.

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FFHide batch program for windows

Using this batch program you can hide/unhide your file/folder in windows OS and also you can modify it as per your need, if you know batch programming.

This program is specially designed for those user, who don’t know much about batch file programming. So, this is for you, if you are one of them.

Feature of FF Hide

Hide/Unhide your File/Folder
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Steps To Create FFHide

You can create this program by the following below steps or you can download it from here(Download FFHide), Unzip it and double click on batch (.bat) file to run it…

Let’s Start…

Step 1 :  Open notepad. [start > Program > accessories > notepad]

Step 2 :  Copy the following code in notepad which is in text area.

Step 3 :  Now Save this file with .bat extension. [e.g FFHide.bat]

Thats it…!! you have done..!!!

To use it just double click on that file [FFHide.bat]

[Note : if you are getting .txt file in download link then just rename it and remove .txt]

You can mail us onTheKnowledgeFactory.TKF@gmail.com if you face any problem.

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