FFLocker 1.0

FFLocker 1.0

There are many batch file code available on Internet which give you locked folder where you can easily lock your private data. but there are some disadvantages of that code.

Disadvantage : 
1) Any one can see your password.
2) Each time you have to move your data in that folder.
3) Anyone can Unlock your Folder.

So, We have created one batch file. Which is very useful for those who don’t know about DOS and it’s command. There are some Advantages of this batch file.

Advantages :  
1) Good Designing
2) Any one can not see your password. even you can not. [If Opponent haven’t knowledge about DOS or Batch Programing]
3) You can change your password after Login.
4) You can Reset your password by Forgot password choice by providing answer of security question.
5) You can lock your any file or Folder.
6) Only you can Unlock your Folder.
7) You can easily Update your Information.

You can Download by the Following Button. [Do not Rename this BatchFile][Note : Please first time do not try this on your personal data (folder/file). Create one new folder. Try this program on new folder. If it is running correctly for Lock and unlock both then you can use it on your personal data. If you are getting any problem then mail us on TheKnowledgeFactory.TKF@gmail.com we will reply you as soon as possible]

1) Direct [Windows 7]

2) Direct   [Windows xp]

How to Use?

Step 1 : Download Rar File on your desktop.

Step 2 : After Download, Cut and paste a batch file on your desktop.

Step 3 :Now Open PDF file which is Guide Document for FFLocker 1.0.

Step 4 : Follow that step Given in PDF File.


[Note : you have to remember your File or folder name with path to Unlock it]

[This is batch file So It possible that any error may be occur. But If you get any problem then tell us ]

see the following video

If you get any problem then mail to TheKnowledgeFactory.TKF@gmail.com