Hide file in image

Needed things >>>

[1]  Winrar [ You can Download from Here]
[2] Command prompt
[3] File (eg. vid.mp4) [Which you want to Hide]
[4] One image (eg. img.jpg)

Step 1 :  Now install winrar in your pc.

Step 2 :  Make one Folder in any Drive. For this example I am creating folder “errorcode” in “D” drive.

Step 3 :  Copy your Image and file in that folder. Here I am copying “vid.mp4” and “img.jpg” in “errorcode” folder.

Step 4 :  Select your both file [“vid.mp4” + “img.jpg”]. Right click on it. Click on Add to Archive and click on OK.

>>> Now you will see Three File in that Folder.

[1] vid.mp4

[2] img.jpg
[3] errorcode.rar

Step 5 :  Now Just open your command prompt [strat >> run >> type “cmd” >> hit Enter]

Step 6 :  Type “cd /d D:” >> Enter

Step 7 :  Type “cd errorcode” >> Enter

Step 8 :  Type “copy /b img.jpg + errorcode.rar newimg.jpg” [Note : Here you have to write your file name]

>>> Then you will see one Image file name with “newimg.jpg”

>>> Thats it..!! 

>>> When you want to open your file “vid.mp4” then you have to just open your newimg.jpg in winrar.


>>> In winrar you can see your File.