Send Secret Letter To Your Girlfriend

Are you thinking what is this post about?? If yes, just press CTRL + F and type 3 then press enter. If you are connected with mobile just go Find from your browser, type 3 and press enter.Are you able to see something (“HI”) ? Do you want to send something like this to your someone special? If the answer is yes, then this post is just right for you. So, What you are waiting for, Let’s start.

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Send Secret Letter To Your Girlfriend

It is necessary to give surprise to someone special who is close to our heart. We always try to find out the new and unique way to send a gift.

So, today i am gonna show you just simple trick to send hidden message to your girl friend. I am sure you will definitely like it.

Please login with your computer in order to create secret letter.

Just Download one html file from HEREand open it in google chrome browser.

Now type your short message and provide your luck number between 0 to 9 except 1 in text box respectively and then click on Generate Code Button. You will see few lines with number in which your secrete message will be.

Now to download that secret letter, just click on save code and it will download one .html file.

Just send this file to your girl friend and ask her to open it in google chrome. The same random numbers will be there in page. Just ask her to press CTRL + F and provide your lucky number and then press enter. Wowww!!! See blow message. 🙂

I Love You Message | The Knowledge Factory
I Love You Message | Send Secret Letter To Your Girlfriend

She will be able to see your short message. Isn’t it really nice???  If yes, try it now and give surprise to your girl friend with few lovely words. Which will make your day beautiful.

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