Delete Facebook Account

Facebook have one option for Deactivate your account, But When you login again on your Facebook account It will Automatically Reactivate. You can also delete it. Follow the Steps. Step 1 :  Just Click Here For Delete your Account. After That you can see one Button on Webpage With name “Delete My Account” Like Following

DOS Command “Attrib”

Hide your file or Folder using Attrib “Attrib” is an internal command of DOS Attrib is used to set an attribute of any folder or File. you can hide your file or Folder using this command. Let’s Start. Step 1 :  Open your Command Promt [Start >> Run >> Type “cmd” >> Hit Enter] Step

FFLocker 1.0

FFLocker 1.0 There are many batch file code available on Internet which give you locked folder where you can easily lock your private data. but there are some disadvantages of that code. Disadvantage :  1) Any one can see your password. 2) Each time you have to move your data in that folder. 3) Anyone can Unlock your

Hide file in image

Needed things >>> [1]  Winrar [ You can Download from Here] [2] Command prompt [3] File (eg. vid.mp4) [Which you want to Hide] [4] One image (eg. img.jpg) Step 1 :  Now install winrar in your pc. Step 2 :  Make one Folder in any Drive. For this example I am creating folder “errorcode” in

Folder Locker

Lock your personal data in password protected Folder Step 1 :  Open notepad. [start > Program > accessories > notepad] Step 2 :  Copy the following code in notepad which is in text area. cls @ECHO OFF title Folder Secure if EXIST “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST Secure goto MDLOCKER :CONFIRM echo Are

Hack User Account in XP

Remove User Account password in XP This trick will help you when you’ll forgot your password of user account in windows xp. you can just simply remove your password by following steps. >> Start your Computer >> Press F8 >> Select Safe Mode >> Login in Admin Account >> Go to Start >> Control Panel