Nature of Time

As a human beings, we really don’t understand the TIME. Even if we talk about it, we won’t be able to reach any conclusion. We can just put the individual’s thinking together to understand “The Nature Of Time”

Whatever I am gonna write here is not something that I thought, understood or found. But, it was all started since I have posted something on TIME at social media app and that statement was

“When you feel like nothing is going right in your life,

just sit back and give time to time. Because time has its own ethics”

This was just what I thought at that time. But later, it turned to a serious topic on TIME. Let me put a clear picture here and after reading it, you can definitely add a comment by putting your thoughts.

Nature of Time
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⇒ The Nature Of Time

As a human, we really don’t understand the Time. We think Time is a clock. But, that’s not the case. You can ask your self. Is it really just a matter of clock?

When you will search the term “Time” on the internet, you will get lots of websites where you can find the definition of Time, You can find the information on time. But the definition is not what time actually is. The definition of something is just a matter of words and words we use to communicate or to explain something. But when it comes to understanding the Time, definitions are not enough. We have to go inside our minds and ask ourselves “What actually time is?”

For us human beings there are two dimensions of time that we live in. There is the time of the cosmos i.e seasonal changes, there is psychological time i.e The recollection of last season and the preparation for next season and there is the time outside the brain. As human beings, we live with the time of the brain.


Understanding a spacetime needs really long article. However, you all may herd about Elbert Einstein’s theory of relativity. As per his theory, The faster you go, the slower time passes. So if you are sitting in a spaceship traveling by 99% of light speed, you will pass 5 years on spaceship corresponds to roughly 36 years on Earth. Means that, if you and your brother are having the same age, will have a 31-year difference after 5 years, if you are traveling in a spaceship where your brother living on earth.

I personally love the great explanation by the Science Mag website. You can take a look at General Relativity by Science Mag (Looks nice in desktop device only).

Psychological time

The time of brain we all live with. There are two processes that can explain the Time of the brain. First is the recollection of last season, which is past and preparation of next season that is the future. This means that, either you thinking about the past or planning about the future. That is what Time of the brain is.

Now you may think about the present, anyway the present will become the past. Just think for while and understand, don’t we either think about the past or plan about the future based on past or irrespective of what we did in past? If you will think this, in a true way, you will get what exactly the psychological time is.

In simple words, psychological time is the time of the brain. The thought process.

Time outside the brain

There are two phases of the Time outside the brain. Something that you made, or by nature. Let me give you an example, you have a phone with a camera, take a picture of anything, now take a look at that picture, that is the time already passed. you can relate it with the last season process of psychosocial time.

What about the time by nature? As said, we humans live with psychological time. But what about the time outside our brain that is by nature. Let me give an example, Suppose you are walking on the street and living in the past season (means you are thinking about your past 🙂 ), at the same time something is falling on you (you don’t have any idea about it), maybe stone or maybe water as rain.

Now, understand here, you are living with psychological time and the things happening outside the brain as explained above is the time outside the brain.


In a short, the TIME is simply a movement, something that is unstoppable or something that is moving.

Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this post. I would love to see your comments below and want to know what you think the time is? If I will understand or believe in your thought about the time, I may update this post. 🙂