The Three Layers of Web

Many of you may not know about web. Whatever is easily accessible on internet is just 10% of web. You will shout “Really?”. I would say “Yes it is”.

Whatever you can search, access, download through internet is just 10-15 % of web. Now what about 85-90 % of web. Where it is? What you can find over there? and how can people like you access it. To answer all these questions, let me travel you through different layers of web.

As show in below image, there are three layers of web, that is surface, deep and dark web. Isn’t it sound nice?

Three Layers of Web - TKF

Surface Web

The first layer of web is surface web. In terms of content accessibility, this one is easily accessible through search engine or directly by hitting URL in modern browser. In technical language, the giant search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing index these web contents, so that it can be searched or accessed by end users and these information provided by search engines are really dependent of the content, links, images provided on each web page. I feel like it is really easy for you people to understand the surface web as it is everyone’s habit to use it on daily basis.

In short, whatever you are able to surf on the web is just a surface web. As said above, these information which you search, are indexed by search engines. Now, what about those information, which are not easily available to be search through search engine. Here where the deep web comes into the picture.

Deep Web

The deep web is not indexed by the search engine and that’s the reason it is not easily available to get in. However, it can be accessible through channel and doesn’t require any special browser/software to get into. It may require to login into the site or filling out form with required details.

These days search engine uses crawling by going from link to link to get the content. However, they are unable to get into the details because it require to authorize the user by logging into it.

Just login into Amazon account and you are on the deep web. Whatever you add into your cart or wish list will not be available to search.  Another example is your bank account’s dashboard. Once you login into your account, you can see your current balance. However, it will not be available to be indexed by search engine.

You will think both layers of web are accessible and you may be accessing it these days, then what the dark web is all about. Let’s get into it.

Dark Web

You will be shocked by knowing, Illegitimate contents are available on dark web. Now, what type of Illegitimate content?

You can buy all type of drugs, hacked user accounts, guns, forged money and many more things. Isn’t it sounds crazy? You will also find it awesome sometimes, as not everything is illegal and it has legitimate too. For example you can Join a chess club, can join to social network described as “The Facebook Of Tor”. However, you will still not able to access it through modern browser and you will need special browser to get into it.

Tor is the browser to check out the dark web. It is an anonymous browser routs you through the series of proxy servers operated by thousands of volunteer around the globe. You will be surprised by knowing the hackers or group of hackers uses tor browser to be underground.

Just so you know, there plenty of services available on so called dark web. Like Espionage, targeting, Credentials, Phishing, Refunds, Customer data, Financial data, trade secrets, Hacking Services, Taboo or Illegal Content.

That’s all I know about “The Three Layers of Web”. Feel free to comment down below, if you wish to share something from your side. If I will find appropriate and useful, I will update my post by adding your content. You can also take a look at article of wikipedia on dark web.